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Donate for the last invadercon guys! It's the very last one and there are TWO more hours left! $6,000 needs to be raised!
Please read the newest blog in full, before joining or asking question. Anyone is welcome to join.
:fuzzydemon:Hey, SIRs!


What's this about Invedercon 3?

"Heya! I don't know if you've heard about it, but for the past two years, Wasabi Anime ran InvaderCON, a convention all for Invader Zim. Both years, the con had over a thousand people, and got guests like Richard Horvitz and Melissa Fahn. Last year, Jhonen was even there! You can see their website here:

Wasabi Anime says that they'll do the convention again, but they want to make sure that enough people are interested. So if they get 10,000 likes on Facebook or Twitter, they'll do InvaderCON 3. They're even looking for a new location so that people who missed the last couple years might come!

~ AlexisRoyce

Please take time to read the rest of this blog.

:heart:PS: Please click here. I would like it if you read this journal, and introduce yourself there. Comment on other comments and welcome them to the group. Make some friends!

IMPORTANT:Some people have been submitting their art to the wrong gallery folders, so I Have been moving things around and easier to find. Submit things to the right folder, or I will ignore your submission! If you don't know how, that's a different story. Please ask and I will tell you how.

:bulletgreen: In the past I have noticed that certain contributors have submitted blog entries without permission, which is quite troublesome because it has nothing to do with the group. There is a separate blog where others can introduce themselves for a reason.
So for now I made it so only me and the co-founder can submit blogs.

All art submitted on will need a certain number of votes before it gets into the group. Please only submit your best, not 5 minute doodles. Anyone can draw Gir, so please, make yours stand out.
Contributors not active for over 2 months will be demoted to regular members.
We will only affiliate with JTHM or INVADER ZIM related groups.
*more will be added later.
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:star:"Aww, It likes me!":bulletgreen:"I love this show":bulletpurple:"He's gettin' eaten by a shark":bulletgreen:"I loveded you piggy, I loveded you":bulletpurple:"To make room for the tuna!":bulletgreen:"It's got chicken legs":bulletpurple:“Where are my walnuts?”:bulletgreen:“Yay! I'm gonna be sick!":bulletpurple:“Can I be a mongoose dog?":bulletgreen:"But I need tacos! I need them or I will explode, That happens to me sometimes!":bulletgreen:"Aw, Somebody needs a hug":bulletpurple:"Why is his head so big?, Why is his head so big?":bulletgreen:"The plug thingy, It's not plugged.":bulletpurple:"Hi Floor! Make me a sandwich.":bulletgreen:"It's got chicken legs...":bulletpurple:"I'm dancin' like a monkey":bulletgreen:"Yay!!!!Brains!!!!!!!":bulletpurple:"Me and the squirrel are friends!":bulletgreen:"Your friend's in the window...":bulletpurple:"I saw a squirrel, he was doin' like this...":bulletgreen:"I'm gonna' sing the doom song now.. Doom...Doom.....":bulletpurple:"I'm gonna roll around the floor a bit, k?":bulletgreen:"I gotta' go pig. I'll see ya' later.":bulletpurple:"I must have them or I'll explode. That happens to me sometimes...":bulletgreen:"Yes...Wait a minute........No.":bulletpurple:"I was a chubby lady hiding in the bushes.":bulletgreen:"Then the squirrel ate Dib's greasy head.":bulletpurple:"I wanna be a mongoose, Can I be a mongoose dog?":bulletgreen:"I miss you cupcake.":bulletpurple:"Let's make biscuits. Let's make biscuits..":bulletgreen:"Aww...I wanted to esplode..":bulletpurple:"Taco. Taco. Taco.":bulletgreen:"I got chocolate bubblegum." :bulletpurple:"Moosey fate...":bulletgreen:"Meow.":bulletpurple:"I love the little tacos. I love them good.":bulletgreen:"What's this do? What's that do?":bulletpurple:"Where's my mouth?":bulletgreen:"No wait-come back. I need stuff.":bulletpurple:"Oh-yeah...":bulletgreen:"I'm making the cake!":bulletpurple:"Leprochauns.":bulletgreen:"Yay-I'm gonna' be sick!":bulletpurple:"Aww, your little robot boy's broken...":bulletgreen:"I'm runnin'-I'm runnin', I'm naked, And I'm Runnin'.":bulletpurple:"You say weird like its a bad thing.":bulletgreen:"I don't wanna behaaave and I'm don't wanna live up to your ssstandards.":bulletpurple:"Let's go to my room pig!":bulletgreen:'I WISH YOU A PIGGEH CHRISTMAS I WISH YOU A PIGGEH CHRISTMAS..!!':bulletpurple:'Maybe your right.. we can get a giant burrito too! BUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!":star:


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